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The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP Radio) is hosted by A&P professor, author, and blogger Dr. Kevin Patton.

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018 (coming 5/26)Contour Drawing Helps Students Learn AnatomyInterview with Paul Krieger
New apps available!
Shift to biweekly schedule
Script Ep. 18
017 bKevin's Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Annual ConferenceKevin's Law of Professional Development
Tips to get the most out of the HAPS conference
Why you should bring business cards and index cards
Script Bonus 17 b
017End-of-Term Reviews Help Keep Your Course on TrackMamillary or mammillary?
A course review can help you leave the semester ready for a more restful break.
Script Ep.17
016How Do YOU Pronounce It?News & Notes: keeping the brain alive, new form of DNA in cells, HAPS road trip
Pronunciation of A&P terms
The A&P Student blog
Script Ep.16
015Actin & Myosin - A Love StoryWhy is the Golgi apparatus so oddly shaped?
A love-story analogy for teaching muscle contraction.
Script Ep.15
014Are Learning Styles Real? Why or Why Not?Adult brains CAN grow new neurons.
Come to HAPS 2018!
Learning styles
Script Ep.14
013Playful & Serious Is the Perfect Combo for A&PMeatus is a weird word.
Convenient ways to subscribe to The A&P Professor podcast.
Playfulness helps tell the stories of the human body, as do analogies.
Script Ep.13
012Storytelling is the Heart of A&PMicroglia nibble synapses to remodel neural circuits.
Kevin's new online seminar outlines 5 strategies for long-term learning.
Tips for telling the story of the human body effectively.
Script Ep.12
011TestDebriefing Boosts Student LearningHas a new organ been discovered?
Systematic debriefing after a test helps students learn.
Script Ep.11
010Nine Super Strategies for Teaching the SkeletonTeaching the human skeleton
New Alexa skill for this podcast
Free media resources from the NSF
Script Ep.10
009Supporting Returning LearnersReturning learners
Peripersonal neuron
Get daily headlines for A&P teachers
Script Ep.9
008Running Concept Lists Help Students Make ConnectionsRunning concept lists
Neurogenesis in adult brains
Cells hate calcium
Let's hear your take
Script Ep.8
007Teaching For Long-Term LearningTeaching for long term learning
Hot mitochondria
Secrets of the Campus Cadavers (podcast)
Script Ep.7
006Give Your Course a Half Flip With a Full TwistFlipped A&P class
New blood test for concussion
Green pens for grading
Script Ep. 6
005Concept Maps Help Students Find Their WayConcept maps
Blood doping
Script Ep. 5
004Cumulative Tests Make Learning LastCumulative testing
Genetics update
Call in | subscribe | review & rate
Short video walk-throughs
Script Ep. 4
003Pre-Tests Power-Boost LearningPre-Tests to Enhance Learning
How many proteins are in a cell?
Online Resource list from the Anatomical Society
Sneeze injuries
Script Ep. 3
002Testing As a Teaching StrategyTesting as teaching
2018 HAPS annual conference
2017 blood pressure guidelines
Script Ep. 2
001Intro | Spaced Retrieval PracticeSpaced retrieval practice
HAPS regional mtg in St Louis
Platelets in immunity
Introducing TAPP Radio
Script Ep. 1
000Trailer30-second introduction to this podcastTrailer Script

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