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Episode List

by Kevin Patton

Podcast Episode ListTAPP Radio

The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP Radio) is hosted by award-winning A&P professor, author, and teaching mentor Dr. Kevin Patton.

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EpisodeEpisode PageTopics
03/08/2023134†‡Anatomical Sciences Education with Jason Organ

📝Transcript 134*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Anatomical Sciences Education
American Association for Anatomy
Anatomy teaching journal
Jason Organ
Interdisciplinary teaching
History of science
Inclusion in anatomy education
02/23/2023133†‡Mindi Fried on Teaching & Learning with Aphantasia

📝Transcript 133*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Mind's Eye
Mindi Fried
Learning Challenges
Valeri O'Loughlin
02/06/2023132†‡Review a Year. Preview a Year. | Debriefing & Predictions

📝Transcript 132*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Predictions for 2023
Annual reviews
01/18/2023131†‡Is AI the Beginning or End of Learning?

📝Transcript 131*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Artificial intelligence in learning
Issues using chatbots
Academic integrity
Educational technology
01/02/2023130†‡Winter Short: Storytelling, Featuring the Actin-Myosin Love Story

📝Transcript 130*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Storytelling in teaching
Actin-myosin love-story analogy
Muscle fiber contraction
Playfulness in teaching
12/20/2022129†‡Winter Short: Students Perform Best with a Pre-Test

📝Transcript 129*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Formative assessment
Student success
12/07/2022128†‡Winter Short: Nine (or Ten) Strategies for Learning the Skeleton

📝Transcript 128*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Learning the skeleton
Identifying bones
Identifying bone markings
Laboratory instruction
Mnemonic devices
Bone terminology
Flash cards
Virtual dissection
11/17/2022127†‡Winter Short: Mitochondria, Platelets, Golgi, & Green Pens

📝Transcript 127*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Body temperature
Golgi apparatus
Organelle shape
Grading pen color
Green for grading
11/01/2022126†‡Ten Things We Forget to Tell Students About Cells | A Forest in My Office

📝Transcript 126*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Order of A&P course topics
Course design
Diversity among A&P course sections
Cell biology
Molecular motors
Plasma membrane
Extracellular matrix
Color of cells
Organelle crowding
Cells make mistakes
Cells fix mistakes
Cell complexity
10/20/2022125†‡The Pee Episode | Teaching Urinary & Renal Concepts

📝Transcript 125*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Urine formation
Teaching urine formation
Teaching renal function
Analogies for teaching physiology
Renal filtration
Renal reabsorption
Renal secretion
Learning by song (with Greg Crowther)
10/04/2022124†‡Anatomy & Physiology: Combo or Split? | Journal Club with Krista Rompolski

📝Transcript 124*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Separate anatomy & physiology courses
Combined anatomy & physiology courses
Student preferences
Curriculum design
Selecting course content
Course rigor
Journal Club
09/19/2022123†‡Fonts, Syllabi, and Poop

📝Transcript 123*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Positive course culture
Course documents
Course culture
Fonts & typefaces for learning & memory
Fluent & dysfluent fonts
Sans Forgetica font
Using fonts intentionally
09/07/2022122†‡Teaching Human Reproduction | A Chat with Margaret Reece

📝Transcript 122*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Teaching reproduction
Teaching human development
Ultrasound used to study development
Tubal and molar pregnancy
Helping struggling A&P students
Dr. Margaret Reece
08/24/2022121†‡The Poop Episode | Using Fecal Changes to Monitor Health

📝Transcript 121*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Fecal changes
Intestinal motility
Reading poop
Stimulating defecation
Patient health monitoring
08/04/2022120†‡Anatomy & Physiology Syllabus: It's an Art

📝Transcript 120*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Artful course documents
Growth mindset
Course culture
07/19/2022119†‡Minding the Mind's Eye in Slides | Feedback on Abortion Misconceptions

📝Transcript 119*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Mind's eye
Phantasia, aphantasia, hyperphantasia
Dual-channel memory
Slides with media
07/04/2022118†‡Pregnancy & Abortion Misconceptions We can Fix in A&P

📝Transcript 118*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Pregnancy & gestation
Labor & birth
Abortion care
Public conversation
Fixing misconceptions in our course
06/20/2022117†‡Why A﹠P Faculty Need to Become Students

📝Transcript 117*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Professor benefits when they take courses
Olfactory adaptation
Cerebrospinal fluid
Age related cognitive decline
06/06/2022116†‡Why Anatomy & Physiology Students Need Sectional Anatomy

📝Transcript 116*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Sectional anatomy
Building conceptual frameworks
Applying anatomy concepts
Expiration dates / deadlines
Teaching with slides
Learning with slides
Finding media for teaching
Book Club: I Am Multitudes by Ed Yong
05/16/2022115†‡Are You a Warm Demander?

📝Transcript 115*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Deadline extensions
Jerry Anzalone calls in
Best-by dates
Warm demanders
Toxic rigor
B-cell memory
Vaccine boosters
Growing auditory hair cells
Mask talk: loud, slow, & clear
Respiration in intestines
05/02/2022114†‡Skin's Microbiome & Other Stories

📝Transcript 114*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Human microbial system
Skin microbiome
Clean: The New Science of Skin by James Hamblin
Human development and birth
B vitamins
Deadline leniency
Academic integrity
04/19/2022113†‡Why Do A&P Students Hate Histology? And How Do We Fix That?

📝Transcript 113*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Teaching and learning histology
Expert eye
Spaced retrieval practice
Student response systems
04/04/2022112†‡Should We Extend Deadlines? | Models & Color Codes

📝Transcript 112*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Test and assignment deadlines
Extending deadlines
Scientific models
Science analogies
Color codes in science
03/13/2022111†‡Digesting Foods and Fads - A Chat with Judi Nath

📝Transcript 111*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Food science
Book writing
Author & professor Judi Nath
02/28/2022110†‡Sins Against Science - A Chat with Judi Nath

📝Transcript 110*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Science misinformation
Science and society
Science and the law
Helping students spot misinformation
Writing and publishing in science
Author & professor Judi Nath
02/14/2022109†‡The Inclusive Anatomy & Physiology Course | Part 2

📝Transcript 109*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Inclusive teaching practices
Student interest survey
Inclusive office hours
Valuing diverse viewpoints
Inclusive classroom demeanor
Learning from mistakes
Suggest another instructor
Many challenges are invisible
Practice love
01/31/2022108 †‡The Inclusive Anatomy & Physiology Course | Part 1

📝Transcript 108*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Inclusive teaching practices
Reflecting diverse cultures
Accessible resources
Inclusive syllabus
Inclusive language
Gender pronouns
Preferred names
First-week introductions
01/18/2022107 †‡Directions in A&P Teaching | Where We've Been & Where We Are Going | Future Trends

📝Transcript 107*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Debriefing concepts from the past year
Revisiting last year's predictions
Future trends and predictions in teaching A&P
Remembering Linda Swisher
12/06/2021106 †‡Ungrading With Standards-Based Grading | A Chat With Staci Johnson

📝Transcript 106*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Alternative grading
Standards based grading
Book Club: Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead) by Susan D. Blum
Kevin's long winter's nap
11/15/2021105 †‡Is Anatomy Finished? | Review of New Discoveries

📝Transcript 105*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Continuing discovery in anatomy
Fabella bone
Barrier macrophages
Button & zipper junctions
Lymph node micro-organs
Bone vessels
Tubarial salivary glands
11/01/2021104 †‡Should Students Change Answers? | Journal Club with Krista Rompolski

📝Transcript 104*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Learning research
Test taking strategies
Changing answers on tests
Student success on exams
10/18/2021103 †‡Grading for Proficiency | Book Club: The One World School House

📝Transcript 103*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Proficiency Grading
Pitfalls of Test Averaging or Totals
Importance of Foundational Concepts
Example of Proficiency Grading
Book Club: The One World School House: Education Reimagined by Salman Khan
10/04/2021102 †‡Online Testing Effectiveness Data | Turning My Gray Hair Brown

📝Transcript 102*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Stats on Effectiveness of Online Testing Scheme
Hair Graying Reversal
Hippocampus as a Storyteller
How Master/Mastery Can Be Problematic
09/20/2021101 †‡Even MORE Test Answers | Normal Body Temperature?

📝Transcript 101*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
The Concept of "Normal"
What is Normal Body Temperature?
Practical Tips for an Open, Online, Randomized Testing Scheme
09/06/2021100 †‡More Quizzing About Kevin's Wacky Testing Scheme | Book Club

📝Transcript 100*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
More on Patton Method of testing as teaching
Open Tests & Board Exams
Student Challenge of Test Items
Test Debriefing
Book Club: Ken Bain's What The Best College Teachers Do
08/16/2021099 †‡Quizzed About Tests | FAQs About Patton Test Strategies

📝Transcript 99*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Patton Method of testing as teaching
Multiple Retakes, Retrieval Practice, Spacing
Cumulative Testing, Interleaving
High & Low Stakes
Formative & Summative Tests
Open Book Testing
Online Test Integrity
08/01/2021098 †‡Star Power Helps Students Identify Learning Goals

📝Transcript 98*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Strategies to help students identify learning goals
Textbooks should not remain invisible
How cilia are involved in COVID-19
Soap as a cellular defense strategy
07/18/2021097 †‡Six More Textbook Tricks

📝Transcript 97*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Transparency about the course textbook
Reading and raiding the textbook
Honoring the textbook
(You) read the textbook
Teach student how to read their textbook
Loving & learning about textbooks
07/04/2021096 †‡Even More Slide Tricks | Ultimate Effective Teaching Presentations

📝Transcript 96*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
How to make slide presentations more effective
Aligning preferred terminology
Using title slides to engage learners
Selecting the best presentation mode
Telling the story
06/20/2021095 †‡More Slide Tricks | Effective Teaching Presentations

📝Transcript 95*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Effective teaching with slides
Less text, more story
Chunking slide content
Using art effectively
06/06/2021094 †‡Do A&P Textbooks Have Too Much Content?

📝Transcript 94*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
How to teach with extra content in A&P textbooks
The color of a marking pen may send unintended signals
Tunneling nanotubes (TNTs)
Greek names for SARS-CoV-2 variants
How teeth sense cold
05/16/2021093 †‡Weight Stigma! The Difficult Cadaver | Journal Club Episode

📝Transcript 93*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
How dissecting large body donors plays into weight-bias attitudes of future health professionals
The pervasiveness and effects of weight stigma among health professionals
05/02/2021092 †‡Are We Answering Student Questions? | Science Updates

📝Transcript 92*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Listening & responding in ways that help students
A new discovery regarding plaques in the brain
A new way to get A&P science & teaching updates
04/18/2021091 †‡Burnout! A Chat with Rebecca Pope-Ruark

📝Transcript 91*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
What is Burnout?
How do we deal with burnout?
How can we prevent burnout?
How can we support our burned-out peers?
Our students?
04/05/2021090 †‡Taking Bold Steps in Teaching | Notetaking | Science Updates

📝Transcript 90*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Dealing with Resistance to New Teaching Strategies
Notetaking: Pens or Laptops?
The Pandemic Twenty
Is Diluting Blood Plasma a Fountain of Youth?
03/18/2021089 †‡Smooth Teaching with Slides: Animations to Dramatize the Story of Anatomy & Physiology | Science Updates

📝Transcript 89*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Using Easy Animation Effects to Help Students Focus on Important Elements of Our Story
Background Noise in the Brain
Exercise Triggers Immune Cell Development in Bone
Mitochondrial Organization during Mitosis
How Old Will We Get?
02/24/2021088 †‡The Proper Order of Topics in A&P | Leaderboards | Student Frustration

📝Transcript 88*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Sequencing topics in the A&P course
Using leaderboard competition in gamification strategy of teaching & learning
Student frustration during pandemic teaching & learning
02/09/2021087 †‡Micro-Credentials & Gamification in the A&P Course | Brown & Black Skin | Refresher Tests

📝Transcript 87*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Digital microcredentials in the A&P course
Gamification with badges in higher education
Dark skin color & clinical signs for future health professionals
Refresher tests get students ready for A&P
01/27/2021086 †‡What a Year! | Pandemic Teaching & More | A Reflection

📝Transcript 86*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Annual debrief & review of the third year of this podcast
Professional development community for A&P professors
Coping with and recovering from pandemic teaching
01/04/2021085 †‡Student Evaluations of Teaching II: Proactive, Active, & Reactive Strategies

📝Transcript 85*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Strategies to Improve Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs), Help Students Evaluate Professionally, and Many More Tips for Dealing with Concerns About SETs.
12/21/2020084 †‡Student Evaluations of Teaching I: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

📝Transcript 84*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Concerns About Faculty Evaluations | Useful & Harmful Evaluations | The Concern About Anonymity | Fairness of Student Evaluations of Teaching
12/07/2020083 †‡Actual Learning vs. Feeling of Learning | Journal Club Episode

📝Transcript 83*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Krista Rompolski brings a journal article on the feeling of learning vs. actual learning, why they differ, and how to fix it
11/23/2020082 †‡Bones: Inside and Out—A Chat with Dr. Roy Meals

📝Transcript 82*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Interview with Roy A. Meals, MD, author of the new book Bones: Inside and Out
What students need to appreciate about bones
Bone terminology
Being clear and simple when teaching about bones
Learning over time
11/09/2020081 †‡The Cheater! Academic Integrity in Remote Learning

📝Transcript 81*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Cheating in the era of pandemic/post-pandemic teaching
Academic integrity in remote learning
Consequences of cheating
Anti-cheating strategies
Plagiarism & Rogeting
10/26/2020080 †‡New Organ, Dam Protons, & Our Secret Language

📝Transcript 80*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Have scientists discovered a new major salivary gland? (tuberial salivary gland)
The continuing saga of making ATP (Those Dam Protons)
Does A&P have a secret language?
Word Dissection:
torus tuberius
10/12/2020079 †‡Krebs Cycle: The Horror

📝Transcript 79*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Teaching the Krebs cycle with playful storytelling.
The variability of anatomy terms.
09/28/2020078 †‡Desirable Difficulty

📝Transcript 78*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Desirable difficulties from spaced retrieval practice & interleaving.
The A&P Professor's online community is still receiving "insider" applications.
A 4-stranded form of DNA.
Even more tips on Zoom meetings.
09/14/2020077 †‡Stress & Community

📝Transcript 77*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
The A&P Professor's online community is now open!
Acronyms: who needs them?
Word Dissections:
08/24/2020076 †‡The Surprising Power of Digital Textbooks

📝Transcript 76*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Digital textbooks are here to stay
Digital textbook features can be leveraged for powerful teaching & learning
Two arm lengths is not 2 m nor even 6 ft— but one arm span is close
Book Club: Digital Minimalism (picked by Mike Pascoe)
08/10/2020075 †‡The Syllabus Special

📝Transcript 75*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Syllabus strategies
Do students read it?
Reading & Raiding
1st-day activities
Basic Elements
Warnings & safety
Long syllabi
07/29/2020074 †‡Back to Campus Pandemic Teaching

📝Transcript 74*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Back-to-campus-pandemic-teaching guide to introducing new room set-up & procedures
Book Club:
Resilience—The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges
07/15/2020073 †‡Zoom Fatigue and Other Symptoms of Pandemic Teaching

📝Transcript 73*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Zoom Fatigue
Pandemic Heart
Updating our CV's skill list
Sensory updates
Word Dissection:
stress cardiomyopathy
takotsubo cardiomyopathy
apical ballooning syndrome
Book Club:
The Concise Book of Muscles
06/29/2020072 †‡Even More Pandemic Teaching Tips

📝Transcript 72*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Still Pandemic Teaching
The Other Pandemic: Racism
Faculty Office in a Box
The Media-Friendly Faculty Office
An Apology
06/15/2020071 †‡Faculty Mindsets & Minority Student Achievement Gaps: Journal Club

📝Transcript 71*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Journal Club (with Krista Rompolski) explores a study showing that fixed mindset vs. Growth Mindset in STEM faculty impacts achievement among under-represented minority undergrad students
Book Club: Mindset
Please share:
Pandemic Teaching (free download)
06/02/2020070 †‡Test Question Templates Help Students Learn

📝Transcript 70*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Greg Crowther explains Test Question Templates (TQTs)
Please share:
Pandemic Teaching (free download)
05/18/2020069 †‡Content Delivery Style: Journal Club

📝Transcript 69*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Journal Club (with Krista Rompolski) discusses content delivery style's effects on learning
A new seminar on Running Concept Lists is available at the website
Please share:
Pandemic Teaching (free download)
05/04/2020068 †‡§Revisiting Retrieval Practice | New Journal Club

📝Transcript 68*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Retrieval practices is still the best way to learn— we revisit Kevin's method
Krista Rompolski will be hosting a new segment: TAPP Journal Club
Free offer from ADInstruments
Please share:
Pandemic Teaching (free download)
04/20/2020067 †‡§Simple Ideas for Pandemic Teaching

📝Transcript 67*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Simple formula for remote teaching
Zoombombing revisited
Video walk-throughs
Pandemic teaching resource guide
Free offer from ADInstruments
Book Club:
Pandemic Teaching (free download)
04/03/2020066 †‡§PREVIEW
Episode 66 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

📝Transcript 66 Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

Slides Serve the Story of Anatomy & Physiology

📝Transcript 66*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Simple slides support our story of A&P
FFT: fumbling first try
Free online lab platform
Virtual conferences
Book Club:
Presentation Zen (Reynolds)
Word Dissection:
03/25/2020065 †‡BONUS EPISODE
Still Moving Our Course to Remote

📝Transcript 65*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Slashing content (really)
Being present
Webinar Skills
Feedback Tips
Teaching at Home
03/16/2020064 †‡PREVIEW
Episode 64 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

📝Transcript 64 Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

Getting Ready for Memory Palaces with Chase DiMarco | Bonus Episode 64

📝Transcript 64 Post Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

Memory Palaces with Chase DiMarco

📝Transcript 64*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Memory palaces with Chase DiMarco
Memory techniques we can share with our students
Textbook & Academic Authors Association
Word Dissection:
mnemonic (again)
loci (locus)
03/14/2020064b †‡BONUS EPISODE
Quickly Moving to Remote Delivery—The Musical

📝Transcript 64b*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
19 tips for quickly shifting from face-to-face to online or other remote options.
Sing-along music from Greg Crowther that teaches concepts.
No dancing, though.
02/26/2020063b †‡BONUS EPISODE
Mid Winter Winterizing of our Courses

📝Transcript 63b*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Strategies & Tips for Flu Season and Potential Pandemic Infections
Social Distancing to Reduce Spread of Disease
Preparing Our Courses for Student & Teacher Absences
02/24/2020063 †‡PREVIEW
Episode 63 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

📝Transcript 63 Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

Mistakes in Teaching Anatomy & Physiology

📝Transcript 63*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Making mistakes in teaching. In front of students!
How stress causes gray hair.
An X-lymphocyte is discovered.
Word Dissection:
Imposter syndrome
02/06/2020062 †‡PREVIEW
Episode 62 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

📝Transcript 62 Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

Another Big Year in Teaching Anatomy & Physiology

📝Transcript 62*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Review & debrief of the 2nd full year of The A&P Professor podcast
Word Dissection:
01/23/2021061 †‡§PREVIEW
Episode 61 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

📝Transcript 61 Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

The Prerequisite Problem in the A&P Course

📝Transcript 61*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Issues & questions surrounding required prerequisites for the A&P course
Transplant effects in the human genome
Hazards of Wi-Fi effects in the body
Word Dissection:
01/09/2020060 †‡§PREVIEW
Episode 60 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

📝Transcript 60 Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

Even More Flashcards: Ultimate Hidden Powers Unleashed

📝Transcript 60*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Flashcards 3: advanced techniques (including emojis, concept lists, concept maps)
Tribute to the late Bruce McEwen, stress scientist
A new sponsor: ADInstruments
Word Dissection:
allostasis and allostatic
emoji and emoticon
Word Dissection:
obverse & reverse
mnemonic & pneumonic
12/25/2019059 †‡PREVIEW
Episode 59 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

📝Transcript 59 Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

More Flashcards: Hidden Powers Unleashed

📝Transcript 59*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Flashcards 2: intermediate techniques (including levitation)
The term pseudogene may be misleading
Junk-DNA analogy
Podcasts may be safe and effective sleep aids
BONUS: Dr. ZZzzz on "Influenza"
obverse & reverse
mnemonic & pneumonic
12/12/2019058 †‡PREVIEW
Episode 58 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

📝Transcript 58 Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

Flashcards: Hidden Powers

📝Transcript 58*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Flashcards: the learning science behind them and some intermediate techniques
Gene therapy can grow new adult brain cells
Some can hear when they don't have olfactory bulbs
Word Dissection:
cribriform plate
NG2 cell or NG2 glia
flashcard (evolved from hornbooks)
11/27/2019057 †‡PREVIEW
Episode 57 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

📝Transcript 57 Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

Warnings & Safety Tips in the A&P Syllabus

📝Transcript 57*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Warnings for the A&P syllabus
Safety tips in the A&P syllabus
HAPS awards
Nuzzel newsletter
TAPP app features
Podcast Review Show clip featuring TAPP Radio
Word Dissection:
syllabus, syllabi, syllabuses (revisited)
11/15/2020056 †‡PREVIEW
Episode 56 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

📝Transcript 56 Preview*
📺 Captioned audiogram*

More on Spelling, Case, & Grammar

📝Transcript 56*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Clarifying a hard line on misspelling as part of a formative testing regimen
glycoRNA —what is it?
Do macrophages form barriers in joints?
How best to label models for lab practicals?
Word Dissection:
formative [assessment]
summative [assessment]
practical (lab test)
rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
04/05/2021055 †‡Communication, Clarity, & Medical Errors

📝Transcript 55*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Is Spelling Important?
Alternate Spellings
A Case for Proper Case
Professionalism as Course Objective
BONUS handouts only inside the TAPP APP
Word Dissection:
[letter] case (upper and lower)

10/21/2019054 †‡Revisiting A&P Learning Outcomes

📝Transcript 54*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Release of Updated A&P Learning Outcomes from HAPS
Vaccination Time Matters
Neurons That Cause Forgetting
Word Dissection:
isovolumic & isovolumetric
hemopoiesis & hematopoiesis
CD8 cell

10/07/2019054a †‡Cells & Oxygen Availability | Nobel Special

📝Transcript 54a*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in how cells sense & adapt to oxygen availability
Context in the A&P course
09/30/2019053 †‡How to Amplify Learning in A&P

📝Transcript 53*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Amplifying learning in our courses
Role of exosomes in metastasis of cancer
How activity affects heart shape
Jargon: show notes & episode page
Word Dissection:
extracellular vesicle (EV)
09/16/2019052 †‡The Case for Case Studies

📝Transcript 52*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Case studies in teaching A&P
Brain mapping issues
Reversing biological age
Genes for left-handedness
Tips for answering frustrating student questions
Word Dissection:
case [study]
atlas (as in anatomy atlas or as in first cervical vertebra)
09/02/2019051 †‡The Case for Transparency

📝Transcript 51*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Transparency in this podcast
Transparency in our courses
Revisiting new neurons in the adult brain
Olfaction & gustation overlap
Understanding mouse vs. human brains
AAA gets a new name & new look!
Word Dissection:
subventricular zone (SVZ)
08/12/2019050 †‡Connecting in the Distance Course Special

📝Transcript 50*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Classic segments about supporting students in distance & hybrid courses to improve retention & student success
07/29/2019049 †‡The Silent Teacher Special

📝Transcript 49*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Classic segments about the humanity of human body donors (and reproductions made from them)
Three related book recommendations
07/15/2019048 †‡The Storytelling Special

📝Transcript 48*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Classic segments about teaching as a form of storytelling
07/01/2019047 †‡The Human Microbial System

📝Transcript 47*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Teachers vs robots in the age of AI
Special episodes coming!
Podcast award nomination
Teaching the human microbiome
Word Dissection:
artificial intelligence (AI)
06/17/2019046 †‡The Wallenda Model of Homeostasis

📝Transcript 46*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Bone growth update
Measles & immune amnesia
Wallenda Model (highwire) of homeostasis
Word Dissection:
chondroprogenitor cell
epiphysis & epiphyseal plate
06/04/2019045 †‡The Fishbowl Model of Homeostasis

📝Transcript 45*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Addressing professor poll
Unveiling The Anatomy & Physiology Professor
Concept list seminar
Fishbowl Model of homeostasis
Word Dissection:
sodium & Na/natrium
potassium & K/kalium
05/20/2019044 †‡How Our Students Address Us

📝Transcript 44*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Semi-identical twinning
Easy way to sort student papers for grading/recording
Stickers & gamification
How students address faculty
Word Dissection:
tripolar [spindle]
05/06/2019043 †‡Human Anatomic Variation

📝Transcript 43*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Fabella bone
Situs inversus
Variety of Variations
Word Dissection:
anatomic vs. anatomical
physiologic vs. physiological
situs inversus
situs solitus
fabella (pl. fabellae)
04/22/2019042 †‡Kevin's Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Annual Conference | 2019 Edition

📝Transcript 42*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Kevin's insights & tips for getting the most out of the HAPS Conference
Revisiting Kevin's Law of Professional Development
Mindi Fried & Jerry Anzalone call in
Greg Crowther's A&P songs
Word Dissection:
04/08/2019041 †‡More on Eponyms in A&P Terminology

📝Transcript 41*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Eponyms again! (Mike Pascoe calls in)
Update in adult brain neurogenesis
More on finding media for teaching
What we call our students
Word Dissection:
duodenum pl., duodena or duodenums
03/25/2019040 †‡The Eponym Episode

📝Transcript 40*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
What is an eponym?
Modern use of eponyms
Another problem with eponyms
How to deal with eponyms in our A&P course
Word Dissection:
haversian canal
03/11/2019039 †‡Language of Muscles: A Strategy for Learning

📝Transcript 39*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
The literal meaning of muscle names can be mnemonic aids for students.
Functions of the cerebellum.
Liver anticipates food.
Exercise, diet, metabolism, body weight.
Word Dissection:
02/25/2019038 †‡Mid-Semester Check-Ins Keep Your A&P Course on Track

📝Transcript 38*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Why wait until it's too late to survey your students?
What happens when you swallow a Lego?
The gut makes 10% of blood.
Why must sperm be fast?
Our new sponsor is revealed!
Word Dissection:
chimera, chimerism
progenitor cell
02/11/2019037 †The Last Best Story in Teaching Anatomy & Physiology

📝Transcript 37*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
The "last best story" to emphasize the changing nature of science.
Adult neurogenesis (yet again).
Is sacral outflow sympathetic?
More about feedback in online tests.
Anatomical compass & anatomical rosette.
Reserve hematopoiesis.
Word Dissection:
hematopoietic stem cell (HSC)
[anatomical] rosette
01/28/2019036 †A Big Year in Teaching Anatomy & Physiology

📝Transcript 36*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Looking back over a big (first) year of this podcast.
Adam Rich calls in with a question about test feedback for students.
Have scientists found a new set of blood vessels in bone?
01/14/2019035 †Big Ideas: The Essential Concepts of A&P

📝Transcript 35*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
How students can/should find the kinda big ideas (core concepts) of A&P
ApoB or LDL tests?
How oxytocin works
Smell affects stress
12/31/2018034 †Power Tips for Dissection Activities

📝Transcript 34*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Two different strategies to make dissection activities more focused and meaningful
Free summer neuroscience workshop
Ganglion cells in the retina
12/17/2018033 †Test Frequency in A&P

📝Transcript 33*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Listener Krista Rompolski asks about testing frequency in the A&P course
Genes for red hair
Making the somatosensory map
What about those preview episodes?
12/03/2018032 †Helping Students With Test Anxiety

📝Transcript 32*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Bonus episode
Tips on helping students with test anxiety
Mitochondrial inheritance
Cardiac stem cells
Free access to journal articles
11/19/2018031 †The Elephant Episode

📝Transcript 31*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Kevin's experience with elephants gives insights on human skin
Netrin-1 is a protein needed to form memories in the brain
11/05/2018030 †The Nazi Anatomists - A Conversation with Aaron Fried

📝Transcript 30*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Aaron Fried discusses illustrations produced by Nazi anatomists & still in use today
Update in epigenetics
Handedness in cells
HAPS sponsors TAPP podcast
10/22/2018029The Silent Teacher - A Conversation with Aaron Fried

📝Transcript 29*
📺 Captioned audiogram*
Aaron Fried discusses body donation and respect for our "silent teachers"
Why is this podcast so loud?
AAA sponsors our transcripts!
Features of the TAPP app.
Your homework!
10/08/2018028Using Media in Our A&P Course - Advice From Barbara Waxer

📝Transcript 28
📺 Captioned audiogram
Chat with a Media/copyright expert on using media properly in our course
Update on the number of genes in the human genome
Discovery of a new sensory structure in the gut
09/24/2018027Understanding How We Learn, a Chat with Yana Weinstein & Megan Sumeracki

📝Transcript 27
📺 Captioned audiogram
Conversation With the Authors of a New Book About Learning Science
Myosin & Actin Hook Up in Red Blood Cells
09/10/2018026Modeling Professional Integrity

📝Transcript 26
📺 Captioned audiogram
A new micro-organ in our lymph nodes?
Daily Nuzzel newsletter with curated headlines for A&P teachers
Succeed in A&P podcast mentioned us!
Modeling professional integrity
The A&P Student blog
08/27/2018025Promoting Academic Integrity in Our Courses

📝Transcript 25
📺 Captioned audiogram
Practical tips for promoting a culture of professional integrity and honesty in the A&P course.
Greg Crowther sings "A Physiologist's Blessing"
Buttons & zippers in lymphatic capillaries
08/13/2018024The Syllabus Episode | BONUS

📝Transcript 24
📺 Captioned audiogram
Do students read the syllabus? What is a syllabus?
Reading and raiding the syllabus
First-day activities | A syllabus quiz?
Basic elements of a syllabus
More things to put in a syllabus
Study strategies, extra topics, & FAQs
08/06/2018023EVEN MORE Tricks for Retention & Success in Online Courses

📝Transcript 23
📺 Captioned audiogram
Medical mitochondria
Recap of Parts 1 & 2
Reaching out to at-risk students
Importance of feedback
07/23/201802249 MORE Tricks for Retention & Success in Online Courses

📝Transcript 22
📺 Captioned audiogram
Syllabuses or syllabI?
Recap of Part 1
Bringing faces to class
The featured topic continues in the next episode
07/09/201802149 Tricks for Retention & Success in Online Courses

📝Transcript 21
📺 Captioned audiogram
Transcripts available
Captioned audiograms available
How to connect with this podcast
The featured topic continues in the next episode
06/25/2018020Reading A&P Terms Out Loud Helps Reading Comprehension

📝Transcript 20
📺 Captioned audiogram
How many genes in the human genome?
Free book of brain facts
Expand the reach of this podcast
Why students should read A&P terms out loud
Binge much?
06/11/2018019Caring for Students Helps Them Succeed

📝Transcript 19
📺 Captioned audiogram
Summer schedule reminder
Giving lecture slides to students
TAPP APP update
Sleeping in on weekends
Commit to caring for A&P Students
05/26/2018018Contour Drawing Helps Students Learn Anatomy

📝Transcript 18
📺 Captioned audiogram
Interview with Paul Krieger
New apps available!
Shift to biweekly schedule
05/21/2018017 bKevin's Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Annual Conference

📝Transcript Bonus 17 b
📺 Captioned audiogram
Kevin's Law of Professional Development
Tips to get the most out of the HAPS conference
Why you should bring business cards and index cards
05/14/2018017End-of-Term Reviews Help Keep Your Course on Track

📝Transcript 17
📺 Captioned audiogram
Mamillary or mammillary?
A course review can help you leave the semester ready for a more restful break.
05/08/2018016How Do YOU Pronounce It?

📝Transcript 16
📺 Captioned audiogram
News & Notes: keeping the brain alive, new form of DNA in cells, HAPS road trip
Pronunciation of A&P terms
The A&P Student blog
04/30/2018015Actin & Myosin - A Love Story

📝Transcript 15
📺 Captioned audiogram
Why is the Golgi apparatus so oddly shaped?
A love-story analogy for teaching muscle contraction.
04/23/2018014Are Learning Styles Real? Why or Why Not?

📝Transcript 14
📺 Captioned audiogram
Adult brains CAN grow new neurons.
Come to HAPS 2018!
Learning styles
04/16/2018013Playful & Serious Is the Perfect Combo for A&P

📝Transcript 13
📺 Captioned audiogram
Meatus is a weird word.
Convenient ways to subscribe to The A&P Professor podcast.
Playfulness helps tell the stories of the human body, as do analogies.
04/09/2018012Storytelling is the Heart of A&P

📝Transcript 12
📺 Captioned audiogram
Microglia nibble synapses to remodel neural circuits.
Kevin's new online seminar outlines 5 strategies for long-term learning.
Tips for telling the story of the human body effectively.
04/02/2018011Test Debriefing Boosts Student Learning

📝Transcript 11
📺 Captioned audiogram
Has a new organ been discovered?
Systematic debriefing after a test helps students learn.
03/26/2018010Nine Super Strategies for Teaching the Skeleton

📝Transcript 10
📺 Captioned audiogram
Teaching the human skeleton
New Alexa skill for this podcast
Free media resources from the NSF
03/19/2018009Supporting Returning Learners

📝Transcript 9
📺 Captioned audiogram
Returning learners
Peripersonal neuron
Get daily headlines for A&P teachers
03/12/2018008Running Concept Lists Help Students Make Connections

📝Transcript 8
📺 Captioned audiogram
Running concept lists
Neurogenesis in adult brains
Cells hate calcium
Let's hear your take
03/05/2018007Teaching For Long-Term Learning

📝Transcript 7
📺 Captioned audiogram
Teaching for long term learning
Hot mitochondria
Secrets of the Campus Cadavers (podcast)
02/26/2018006Give Your Course a Half Flip With a Full Twist

📝Transcript 6
📺 Captioned audiogram
Flipped A&P class
New blood test for concussion
Green pens for grading
02/19/2018005Concept Maps Help Students Find Their Way

📝Transcript 5
📺 Captioned audiogram
Concept maps
Blood doping
02/12/2018004Cumulative Tests Make Learning Last

📝Transcript 4
📺 Captioned audiogram
Cumulative testing
Genetics update
Call in | subscribe | review & rate
Short video walk-throughs
02/06/2018003Pre-Tests Power-Boost Learning

📝Transcript 3
📺 Captioned audiogram
Pre-Tests to Enhance Learning
How many proteins are in a cell?
Online Resource list from the Anatomical Society
Sneeze injuries
01/27/2018002Testing As a Teaching Strategy

📝Transcript 2
📺 Captioned audiogram
Testing as teaching
2018 HAPS annual conference
2017 blood pressure guidelines
01/23/2018001Intro | Spaced Retrieval Practice

📝Transcript 1
📺 Captioned audiogram
Spaced retrieval practice
HAPS regional mtg in St Louis
Platelets in immunity
Introducing TAPP Radio

Trailer Script
30-second introduction to this podcast
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