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Kevin Patton’s

collection of

tips and resources

for teaching

anatomy and physiology.

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Listen to Kevin’s teaching tips, science updates, and annoying puns while you are on the run, in your office, doing chores, or in the lab.

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The A&P Professor Book Club

Browse book reviews coordinated with The A&P Professor podcast and other resources. These books are of interest to most anatomy and physiology faculty. Some have obvious connections to A&P and others have connections that are a bit more obscure and intriguing.

The A&P Professor Community

This is your small, intimate online community of anatomy & physiology faculty! It’s a private, closed social-networky kind of place to have conversations, ask questions, exchange teaching strategies—and more. Includes affinity subgroups such as secondary faculty, medical/professional faculty, HAPI, etc.

On-Demand Online Seminars

Our seminars explore practical teaching strategies that Kevin has found effective in his own teaching of anatomy and physiology.

Finding Media

Looking for quality media for your anatomy & physiology course? Perhaps you need relevant diagrams, illustrations, medical images, or micrographs to supplement those supplied by your textbook publisher. And you want them to be free of royalties or permission fees—”safe” to use in your course. Whether it for presentations, assessments, course handouts, learning activities, or other education applications, you’ll probably find something here!


Who is The A&P Professor?

YOU are! If you teach undergraduate human anatomy and/or physiology, this site is for you. If you teach secondary or graduate level, you will also find some treasures here. Rookies and veterans alike find helpful tips, interesting ideas, resources, and content updates in the TAPP site.

What is TAPP?

It’s the acronym for The A&P Professor.  TAPP Radio is a nickname for our podcast. TAPP dancing is what A&P professors do in class to engage and entertain their students!

What the heck is the Lion Den?

The Lion Den is another of Kevin Patton’s websites that also has resources helpful to professors and students of human anatomy and physiology.

Can I use this stuff?

Unless specified otherwise, all the content here may be used for your own teaching without special permission if you include an attribution (©Kevin Patton, theAPprofessor.org). You may not post it for redistribution or use it for commercial purposes without Kevin’s written permission.

Why does Kevin do this site?

As a veteran A&P professor, active mentor/trainer of A&P professors, and guy who likes to teach, Kevin decided to practice his digital skills by posting stuff he has learned (and continues to learn) for others to use.

Why a hip logo?

Because this is a hip website.

About Kevin Patton

Kevin Patton Ph.D. worked as an anatomy & physiology professor for several decades, having taught at high school, community college, and university undergraduate levels. He has trained many currently practicing A&P professors in a graduate master’s program.  Kevin is President Emeritus of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) and a founder of HAPS Institute, a continuing education program for A&P professors. He is the author of several award-winning A&P textbooks and currently serves as Past President of the Textbook & Academic Authors Association  (TAA). In his youth, Kevin was a wild animal trainer in zoos and circuses.

Kevin Patton

Last updated: June 30, 2024 at 12:01 pm