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by Kevin Patton

The A&P Professor PodcastTAPP Radio

Kevin Patton

The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP Radio)
for anatomy & physiology faculty
is hosted by award-winning
A&P professor & author
Dr. Kevin Patton

Call in

Record your question or share an idea and I may use it in a future podcast!

Toll-free: 1·833·LION·DEN (1·833·546·6336)
Email: podcast@theAPprofessor.org

Episode 77

Stress & Community

More Media Tips


Kevin's new book is here!
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Episode 76

course review

The Surprising Power of Digital Textbooks

Arm Length
Book Club

Episode 75

chalk board with "course syllabus"

The Syllabus Special

Classic & Fresh Episodes
about the Course Syllabus

Transcripts & captions supported by the
American Association
for Anatomy


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Marketing support provided by
Human Anatomy & Physiology Society


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Free podcast distribution is sponsored by the
Master of Science in
Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction

NYCC Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction

Episode 74

Back to Campus Pandemic Teaching

Book Club

Episode 73

fatigued woman with laptop

Zoom Fatigue & Other Symptoms of Pandemic Teaching

Pandemic Heart
CV Skill List
Sensory Update
Book Club

Episode 72


Even More Pandemic Teaching Tips

Faculty Office in a Box
Audio-Video Tricks

Episode 71

Growth Mindset

Journal Club w/ Krista Rompolski

Faculty Mindsets & Minority Student Achievement Gaps
Book Club: Mindset

Episode 70

stacked cubes

Test Question Templates Help Students Learn

A Conversation with
Greg Crowther


Bonus Page

Kevin's Guide to the HAPS Annual Conference 2020

Kevin’s Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Conference

The 2020 Virtual Edition!
Non-audio list of tips

Episode 69

discussing things over a cup of tea

Journal Club w/ Krista Rompolski

Content Delivery Style
Seminar on Running Concept Lists

Episode 68

Online testing

Revisiting Retrieval Practice

Coming soon:
TAPP Journal Club
w/ Krista Rompolski

Episode 67

cartoon showing a web meeting

Simple Ideas for Remote Teaching

Zoombombing Revisited
New Pandemic Teaching Book
Pandemic Teaching Resources

Episode 66


Slides Serve the Story of A&P

Fumbling First Try
Protein Folding Game

Episode 65

VW bus

Still Moving Our Course to Remote

More Tips for
Moving from On-Campus
to Remote

Bonus Episode 64


Quickly Moving to Remote Delivery—The Musical

Kevin Patton gives tips
Greg Crowther sings
Let’s put on a show!

Episode 64

Memory Palaces with Chase DiMarco

Host of Medical Mnemonist
Explains a Powerful Memory Technique

Bonus Episode 63

Mid-Winter Winterizing of Our Courses

Prep Your Course for
Absences, Campus Closings,
and More!

Episode 63

step in gum

Making Mistakes in the A&P Course

How Stress Grays Hair
New Type of Immune Cell

Episode 62


Another Big Year in Teaching A&P

Looking Back at
Another Full Year of Episodes

Episode 61

two speech balloons, one with an a questionmark and one with an exclamationmark,

The Prerequisite Problem in the A&P Course

Transplant Genomes
Biological Effects from Wi-Fi

Episode 60


Even More Flashcards: Ultimate Hidden Powers Unleashed

Bruce S. McEwen
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