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by Kevin Patton

The A&P Professor PodcastTAPP Radio

Kevin Patton

The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP Radio)
for anatomy & physiology faculty
is hosted by award-winning
A&P professor & author
Dr. Kevin Patton

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Toll-free: 1·833·LION·DEN (1·833·546·6336)
Email: podcast@theAPprofessor.org

Episode 72


Even More Pandemic Teaching Tips

Faculty Office in a Box
Audio-Video Tricks


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Episode 71

Growth Mindset

Journal Club w/ Krista Rompolski

Faculty Mindsets & Minority Student Achievement Gaps
Book Club: Mindset


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for Anatomy


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Episode 70

stacked cubes

Test Question Templates Help Students Learn

A Conversation with
Greg Crowther

Bonus Page

Kevin's Guide to the HAPS Annual Conference 2020

Kevin’s Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Conference

The 2020 Virtual Edition!
Non-audio list of tips

Episode 69

discussing things over a cup of tea

Journal Club w/ Krista Rompolski

Content Delivery Style
Seminar on Running Concept Lists

Episode 68

Online testing

Revisiting Retrieval Practice

Coming soon:
TAPP Journal Club
w/ Krista Rompolski

Episode 67

cartoon showing a web meeting

Simple Ideas for Remote Teaching

Zoombombing Revisited
New Pandemic Teaching Book
Pandemic Teaching Resources

Episode 66


Slides Serve the Story of A&P

Fumbling First Try
Protein Folding Game

Episode 65

VW bus

Still Moving Our Course to Remote

More Tips for
Moving from On-Campus
to Remote

Bonus Episode 64


Quickly Moving to Remote Delivery—The Musical

Kevin Patton gives tips
Greg Crowther sings
Let’s put on a show!

Episode 64

Memory Palaces with Chase DiMarco

Host of Medical Mnemonist
Explains a Powerful Memory Technique

Bonus Episode 63

Mid-Winter Winterizing of Our Courses

Prep Your Course for
Absences, Campus Closings,
and More!

Episode 63

step in gum

Making Mistakes in the A&P Course

How Stress Grays Hair
New Type of Immune Cell

Episode 62


Another Big Year in Teaching A&P

Looking Back at
Another Full Year of Episodes

Episode 61

two speech balloons, one with an a questionmark and one with an exclamationmark,

The Prerequisite Problem in the A&P Course

Transplant Genomes
Biological Effects from Wi-Fi

Episode 60


Even More Flashcards: Ultimate Hidden Powers Unleashed

Bruce S. McEwen
New Sponsor: ADInstruments

Episode 59


More Flashcards: Hidden Powers Unleashed

Junk DNA Analogy

Episode 58

flashcard deck

Flashcards: Hidden Powers

Therapy to Grow Brain Cells
Smell Without Olfactory Bulbs

Episode 57

fire extinguisher inside

Warnings & Safety Tips in the A&P Syllabus

HAPS Travel Awards
Preview Episodes
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Episode 56

episode 56 preview

More on Spelling, Case, & Grammar

Barrier Macrophages
Labeling for Lab Practicals

Episode 55


Communication, Clarity, & Medical Errors

Correct Spelling
Alternative Spelling
A Case for Proper Case
Professionalism in the Syllabus

Listen to the Preview now!

Episode 54


Revisiting A&P Learning Outcomes

Vaccination Timing
Forgetting Neurons

No preview available

Bonus Episode 54


Cells & Oxygen Availability

Nobel Prize in
Physiology or Medicine
Special Episode

Listen to the Preview now!

Episode 53


How to Amplify Learning in A&P

Exosomes & Cancer
Activity Affects Heart Shape

Listen to the Preview first

Episode 52

working together

The Case for Case Studies

Age reversal
Brain mapping
Answering student questions

Listen to the Preview first

Episode 51

washing a window

The Case for Transparency

Neuro updates
AAA gets a new look

Episode 50

person using laptop

Connecting in The Distance Course Special

Classic segments on student retention, success, & course completion

Episode 49

Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp

The Silent Teacher Special

Classic segments on the role of human body donors in anatomy eduation

Episode 48


The Storytelling Special

Classic segments from past episodes

Episode 47


The Human Microbial System

Teachers vs. Robots
Special Episodes Coming Soon!

Episode 46

The Wallenda Model of Homeostasis

Measles & Immune Amnesia
Long Bone Growth

Episode 45

fish bowl

The Fishbowl Model of Homeostasis

Addressing Professors Poll
Concept List Seminar
Unveiling The A&P Professor

Episode 44

professor teaching

How Our Students Address Us

Semi-Identical Twins
Sorting Student Papers
Stickers? Really?

Episode 43

Anatomic Variations

Human Fabella
Situs Inversus
Human Variations

Episode 42

Kevin's Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Annual Conference


Kevin’s Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Annual Conference

Updated & Expanded 2019 Edition
Jerry Anzalone & Mindi Fried Call In
Greg Crowther’s A&P Music

Episode 41

eponyms follow-up

More on Eponyms in A&P Terminology

Update on Adult Brain Neurogenesis
More on Finding Media to Teach
Student names

Episode 40

Paul Broca

The Eponym Episode

Modern Use of Terminology

Episode 39


Language of Muscles: A Strategy for Learning

Cerebellum Functions
Liver Responses
Exercise & Body Weight

Episode 38


Mid-Semester Check-Ins Keep Your A&P Course on Track

Sperm Speed
Gut Hematopoiesis
Swallow a Lego?
New Sponsor!

Episode 37

reading a book

The Last Best Story in Teaching A&P

Test Feedback (again)
Anatomical Compass

Episode 36

one year

Big Year in Anatomy & Physiology Teaching with The A&P Professor

Feedback & questions from Adam Rich

Episode 35

big idea

Big Ideas: Essential Concepts of A&P

Smell and stress
How oxytocin works
Cholesterol testing (or not)

Kevin podcasting

TIP: If your time is limited, or you are drinking your coffee black, listen to each episode at 1.5x speed—if your player or app allows it.  That can cut a 30-minute episode down to about 20 minutes.

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