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Episode 148

photo of high tower for electric cables, from the base

Blueprints for Learning: Justin Shaffer on Structured A&P Course Design

High vs. Low Structure
Scaffolding Approach
Transparency & Flexibility

Episode 147

red heart shape with earphones that resemble electrodes

Pulse of Progress: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Annual Debriefing
Reviewing Last Year’s Predictions
New Predictions for Teaching A&P

The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP Radio)
for anatomy & physiology faculty
is hosted by award-winning
A&P professor & author
Dr. Kevin Patton Kevin Patton

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Toll-free: 1路833路LION路DEN (1路833路546路6336)
Email: podcast@theAPprofessor.org


Episode 146

person with crossed fingers behind their back

Anatomy of Trust: Promoting Integrity in A&P Education

聽Winter Short (Classic Remix)
Cheating & Plagiarism
Modeling Professional Ethics

Episode 145

puzzled woman speaking

A Tongue Twister’s Guide to Mastering Anatomy Pronunciation

聽Winter Short (Classic Remix)
Why Pronunciation is Important
Variations in Pronunciation

Episode 144

Kenhub Atlas of Human Anatomy

Dissecting the Kenhub Atlas

聽Insights from Editor Mike Pascoe
Diverse Representation
Avoiding Eponyms
Remembering David Allard

Episode 143

light bulbs (lit) hanging mid-air

The One Teaching Strategy That Will Fix Your A& P Course

Quantum Microtubules
More info on
A&P 1 Supplement

Episode 142

upper extremity, flexed at elbow

Muscle: A Gripping Story

A Lively Chat with Dr. Roy Meals
About His New Muscle Book
Do Muscles Tear When Training?
Will You Drown If You Eat & Swim?

Episode 141

students interacting with each other

A&P 1 Supplement

Study Skills Course to Accompany A&P
Personalized, Collaborative Elective
Informal “Game Night” Atmosphere
Proven Effectiveness

Episode 140

stacked stones in balance


Refresher Course to Prepare for
Anatomy & Physiology
Self-Paced & Personalized
Course Design

Episode 139

illustration of head silhouette with network superimposed on it

Thinking New Thoughts about the Human Brain

Dendritic Action Potentials (dCaAPs)
Transducer Model of Brain
Core Concepts: Chemical Signaling & Transduction

Episode 138

two dancing figures with a suggestion of mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum

Dancing Organelles & More

Wendy Riggs’s Medal
Timed Tests & Inclusion
Distracting Animations

Kevin podcasting

TIP: If your time is limited, or you are drinking your coffee black, listen to each episode at聽1.5x speed鈥攊f your player or app allows it.聽 That can cut a 30-minute episode down to about 20 minutes.

Episode 137

coach with young sports players

Our Teaching Persona in Anatomy & Physiology Class

Transparency & Authenticity
Play & Playfulness

Episode 136

person listening on audio headphones

Deep Elaboration

Tattoo Effects on Sweating
Aural Diversity

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