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The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP Radio) is hosted by A&P professor, author, and blogger Dr. Kevin Patton.

Listen to brief audio episodes on various topics related to teaching human anatomy and physiology right here or in your favorite podcast app.

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Episode 9

returning learners

Supporting Returning Learners

Peripersonal Neurons
Daily Headlines for A&P Teachers

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Episode 8

concept list

Running Concept Lists Help Students Make Connections

Neurogenesis in adult brains
Cells hate calcium
Your take on things

Episode 7

woman taking open book online test

Teaching For Long-Term Learning

Hot Mitochondria
Secrets of the Campus Cadavers

TIP: If your time is limited, or you are drinking your coffee black, listen to each episode at 1.5x speed—if your player or app allows it.  That can cut a 30-minute episode down to about 20 minutes.

Kevin podcasting

Episode 6

viewing a preview presentation

Give Your Course a Half Flip with a Twist

New blood test for concussions
Color of pens used for grading

Episode 4

taking an exam

Cumulative Testing Makes Learning Last

Genetics update: nature of nurture
Short video walk-throughs

Episode 3

taking an online test

Pre-Testing for a Power Learning Boost

How many proteins are in a cell?
Online resources curated by the Anatomical Society
Sneeze injuries

Episode 2

Online testing

Testing as a Teaching Strategy:
Students Learn From Tests

HAPS Annual Conference
New high blood pressure guidelines

Episode 1

retrieval practice

Why Spaced Retrieval Practice is Your Most Powerful Teaching and Learning Tool

Intro to Kevin and his podcast
Immune function of platelets
HAPS Central Regional Conference

Running Concept Lists

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