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Episodes | Season 4

The A&P Professor PodcastTAPP Radio Season 4 Episodes

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cartoon of person listening to a podcast

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Episode 106

scattered alphabet cutouts with red filter

Ungrading with Standards Based Grading

Chat with Staci Johnson
Book Club


Episode 105


Fabella image: Jmarchn (my-ap.us/2Wmd6cN)

Is Anatomy Finished?

Or are new discoveries being made?
Review some recent discoveries!

Episode 104

hand with pencil filling in scan sheet

Should Students Change Answers?

Journal Club with
Krista Rompolski

Episode 103

scattered plastic letters: A, B, C, etc.

Grading for Proficiency

Pitfalls of Averaging Scores
Foundational Concepts
Example of Proficiency Grading
Book Club

Transcripts & captions supported by
The American Association for Anatomy. 
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This podcast is sponsored by the
Human Anatomy & Physiology Society
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Episode 102

cartoon person climbing steps

Online Testing:
Effectiveness Data

Reversing the Graying of Hair
Avoiding the Term Master
Hippocampus as Storyteller

Episode 101

Online testing

Even MORE Test Answers

Practical Tips for Open, Online, Randomized Tests
What is Normal?
What is Normal Body Temperature?

Episode 100

practice test

More on Wacky Open Test Schemes

Open Tests & Board Exams
Feedback on Tests
Debriefing & Challenges
Book Club

Episode 99

keyboard and mouse

Quizzed About Tests

FAQs about Patton Test Strategies
Randomized Tests
Spaced Retrieval Practice
Cumulative & PreTests
Open-book & Integrity

Episode 98

orange glowing stars

Star Power

Help Student Identify Learning Goals
Make Textbooks Visible
COVID-19 Damages Cilia
Cells Make Soap?

Episode 97

hands around a large floating bubble

Six More Textbook Tricks

Using Textbooks Effectively
Helping Students Read Textbooks
Read and Raid the Textbook
When We Hate Our Textbook

Episode 96

person doing trick on skateboard

Even More Slide Tricks!

Proper Use of Terminology
Terrific Title Slides
Much More!

Episode 95

silhouette of a person doing a handstand with a skateboard

More Slide Tricks

Effective Teaching Presentations
Using Text with Images
Effective Use of Images

Episode 94

reading a book

Do A&P Textbooks Have Too Much Content?

Tunneling Nanotubes
How Teeth Sense Cold
Green & Red Feedback

Kevin's bestselling book!
Available in paperback
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Episode 93

bathroom scale

Weight Stigma! The Difficult Cadaver

Journal Club Episode
with Krista Rompolski
Weight Bias in Dissection Courses

Episode 92

face hidden by a question mark

Are We Answering Student Questions?

Understanding What Students Really Want to Ask
Power Skills for Answering Students
New Discovery about Brain Plaques

Episode 91

burning matches


A Chat with Rebecca Pope-Ruark
Author of Agile Faculty
Faculty Burnout Expert

Episode 90

woman leaning forward

Taking Bold Steps in Teaching

Digital vs. Paper Note Taking
Pandemic Weight Change
Diluting Plasma Reverses Aging

Episode 89


Smooth Teaching with Slides

Brain’s Background Noise
How Exercise Affects Immunity
Blood Marker for Longevity
Mitochondria During Cell Division

Episode 88

rope network

The Proper Order of Topics in A&P

Competitive Leaderboards
Student Feeling of Teaching Themselves

Episode 87

medal or badge with red ribbon

Micro-Credentials & Gamification

Brown & Black Skin
Refresher Tests

Episode 86

woman with medical mask looking out window

What a Year!

A Look Back as We Start Year 4
Predictions for the Year Ahead

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