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Kevin’s Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Annual Conference | Bonus Episode

TAPP Radio Bonus Episode

Kevin’s Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Annual Conference

Quick Take

bonus episode

0:37 | Intro to Bonus
2:00 | Intro to Kevin’s Guide
4:04 | Way Before the Conference
7:51 | Just before the conference
16:11 | Conference basic plan
18:44 | Update days
30:45 | Workshop days
35:34 | Other stuff at the meeting
38:28 | After meeting

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Kevin's Guide

“I learn SO much at these things!”
Kevin Patton (at every HAPS Annual Conference since 1990)


1 | Bonus Episode

1.5 minutes


2 | Kevin’s Guide

2 minutes

3 | Way Before the Conference

4 minutes

  • hapsweb.org
  • Early bird registration rate
  • Conference hotel block
  • Get to know the HAPS staff (including Skelly)

4 | Just Before the Conference

  • HAPS app and website
  • Read up on speakers and workshops
  • Business cards
  • Dress business casual, more or less (mostly less)
    • Don’t forget your HAPSwear!

5 | Conference Basic Plan

  • Opening reception
  • Update seminars
  • Workshops

6 | Update Days

Kevin’s Law of Professional Development

If I learn just ONE useful thing in a professional development experience, it’s worth it.

7 | Workshop Days

  • Workshops
  • Committee meetings

8 | Other Stuff

9 | After the Meeting

10 | Subscribe

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Last updated: October 24, 2019 at 1:38 am

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