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Episodes | Season 1

The A&P Professor PodcastTAPP Radio Season 1 Episodes

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Episode 34


Power Tips for Dissection Activities

Ganglion cells
Neuro workshop

Episode 33

Testing Frequency in the A&P Course

Krista Rompolski calls in
Red-hair genes
Building the somatosensory map
Preview episodes

Episode 32

test anxiety


Helping Students With Test Anxiety

Mitochondrial inheritance
Cardiac stem cells
Finding journal articles

Episode 31

elephant (anterior)

The Elephant Episode

Memory protein

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The American Association for Anatomy. 
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Human Anatomy & Physiology Society
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Episode 30


The Nazi Anatomists – A Conversation with Aaron Fried

Listen up!
HAPS sponsorship
Epigenetics update
Handedness of cells

Episode 29

Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp

The Silent Teacher

Conversation with Aaron Fried
Why is this podcast loud?
Features of the TAPP app
Your homework!

Episode 28

Using Media in Our A&P Course – Advice From Barbara Waxer

Update on gene numbers
New sensory structure in the gut

Episode 27

Understanding How We Learn: A Visual Guide

Understanding How We Learn

Dr. Yana Weinstein &
Dr. Megan Sumeracki
Actin-Myosin in RBCs

Episode 26

posterior human skeleton

Modeling Professional Integrity

A new micro-organ?
Daily Nuzzel newsletter
Succeed in A&P podcast
The A&P Student blog

Episode 25


Promoting Academic Integrity in Our Course

Greg Crowther Sings
Buttons & Zippers in Lymphatic Capillaries

Episode 24

woman leaning forward


The Syllabus Episode

More than you ever wanted to hear!

Episode 23

communicating online

EVEN MORE Tricks for Retention & Success in Online Courses 

Medical Mitochondria
Recap of Parts 1 & 2

Episode 22


49 MORE Tricks for Retention & Success in Online Courses

Recap of Part 1
Syllabuses or Syllabi?

Episode 21

person using laptop

49 Tricks for Retention & Success in Online Courses 

Transcripts available
Captioned audiograms available

Episode 20

man reading

Reading A&P Terms Out Loud Helps Reading Comprehension

How many genes in the human genome?
Free book of brain facts

Kevin podcasting

TIP: If your time is limited, or you are drinking your coffee black, listen to each episode at 1.5x speed—if your player or app allows it.  That can cut a 30-minute episode down to about 20 minutes.

Episode 19


Caring for Students Helps Them Succeed

Giving lecture slides to students
Sleeping in on weekends

Episode 18

contour drawing

Contour Drawing Helps Students Learn Anatomy

Interview with Paul Krieger

Episode 17 B

Kevin's Guide


Kevin’s Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Annual Conference

Hint: You Do NOT Need a Guide!
2018 Edition

Episode 17

course review

End-of-Term Reviews Help Keep Your Course on Track

Mamillary or mammillary?

Episode 16


How Do YOU Pronounce It?

News & Notes
The A&P Student

Episode 15

Romeo & Juliet

Actin & Myosin – A Love Story

Why is the Golgi shaped so weird?
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Episode 14

brain drawing

Are Learning Styles Real? Why or Why Not?

Adult brains CAN grow neurons
See you at HAPS 2018?

Episode 13


Playful & Serious Is the Perfect Combo for A&P

Meatus is a weird word
Convenient ways to subscribe

Episode 12


Storytelling is the Heart of Teaching A&P

Microglia nibble synapses
5 strategies for long-term learning
Telling the story of the human body 

Episode 11


Debriefing After Each Test

Has a new organ been discovered?

Episode 10


Nine Super Strategies for Teaching the Skeleton

New Alexa skill for this podcast
Free media from the NSF

Episode 9

returning learners

Supporting Returning Learners

Peripersonal Neurons
Daily Headlines for A&P Teachers

Episode 8

concept list

Running Concept Lists Help Students Make Connections

Neurogenesis in adult brains
Cells hate calcium
Your take on things

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Episode 7

woman taking open book online test

Teaching For Long-Term Learning

Hot Mitochondria
Secrets of the Campus Cadavers

Episode 6

viewing a preview presentation

Give Your Course a Half Flip with a Twist

New blood test for concussions
Color of pens used for grading

Episode 4

taking an exam

Cumulative Testing Makes Learning Last

Genetics update: nature of nurture
Short video walk-throughs

Episode 3

taking an online test

Pre-Testing for a Power Learning Boost

How many proteins are in a cell?
Online resources curated by the Anatomical Society
Sneeze injuries

Episode 2

Online testing

Testing as a Teaching Strategy:
Students Learn From Tests

HAPS Annual Conference
New high blood pressure guidelines

Episode 1

retrieval practice

Why Spaced Retrieval Practice is Your Most Powerful Teaching and Learning Tool

Intro to Kevin and his podcast
Immune function of platelets
HAPS Central Regional Conference

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