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The A&P Professor Podcast | Trailer

The A&P Professor Podcast | TrailerA Brief Introduction to a Podcast for Faculty Teaching Anatomy and Physiology (TAPP Radio)

Episode | Listen Now

Host Kevin Patton briefly introduces The A&P Professor podcast for faculty teaching human anatomy and physiology (A&P).

Go to theAPprofessor.org/podcast and listen—or get more information, including where to listen and how to follow.

The only way to tell if The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP Radio) is a good fit for you is to listen to a few episodes! You’ll soon find that it’s your go-to resource for faculty development related to what you actually do every day in your course. And you can earn digital credentials to document your professional development efforts!

Kevin podcasting

Episode | Captioned Audiogram

Episode | Transcript

The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP radio) episodes are made for listening, not reading. This transcript is provided for your convenience, but hey, it’s just not possible to capture the emphasis and dramatic delivery of the audio version. Or the cool theme music.  Or laughs and snorts. And because it’s generated by a combo of AI robot and human transcription, it may not be exactly right. So I strongly recommend listening by clicking the audio player provided or the captioned audiogram.
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Hey there, folks! Dr. Kevin Patton here, your host of The A&P Professor podcast. If you’re diving into the wild world of human structure, function, or anything related, well then, The A&P Professor is none other than YOU—and this podcast is that missing piece in your life you’ve been looking for!

Now, let me give you the lowdown. I’ve been riding the A&P teaching wave for quite some time – from high schools to community colleges, universities, and even graduate programs. I’ve literally written the book on resources for both teachers and students. Plus, I’ve been the behind-the-scenes guru for countless A&P educators worldwide. I mean, I’ve hosted conferences, cooked up killer programs for the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society, and even rocked the title of President Emeritus of HAPS.

But wait, there’s more! A few years back, I thought, “Why not spice things up?” So, I decided to whip up a podcast for all you A&P champions out there. This show’s got it all – the latest juicy science updates, teaching hacks, mind-blowing case studies of some really wacky ways to teach A&P, chats with some fascinating folks, and a sneak peek into some cool books and other stuff that’ll make any A&P teacher’s heart skip a beat.

And let me tell you, it’s been one heck of a ride! Not just for me, but for everyone who’s hopped on board. Our listeners say that tuning in to The A&P Professor podcast feels like kicking back with your work buddies at your favorite hangout spot. Picture it: swapping stories, learning some nifty new things, and sharing all the hot-off-the-press A&P news.

Oh, and the best part? It’s as convenient as your local coffee joint or that corner bar, but without the crowds and sticky tables. You can tune in whenever you please! We’ve even chopped it into bite-sized segments, so you can savor just what you’ve got time for. Pop it on while you’re tackling chores, strolling across campus to your parking spot, escaping the dreaded grading or writing black hole, cruising in your car, whipping up a culinary masterpiece, tidying up your lair, or just lounging with your feet up.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a whirl! Head over to theAPprofessor.org to listen, or search for The A&P Professor, or my name, Kevin Patton, wherever you get your audio kicks.

I’ll see you down the road.

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Last updated: October 25, 2023 at 12:16 pm

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