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Cumulative Testing Makes Learning Last | Episode 4

TAPP Radio Episode 4Cumulative Testing Makes Learning Last

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Quick Take

0:50 | Call in to ask questions, share tips, tell jokes.
2:20  | The nature of nuture: a genetics/genomics update.
7:34 | Please subscribe, rate, and review this podcast!
8:14 | A quick video walk-through helps students navigate digital platforms.
13:13 | Featured topic: Cumulative Testing Makes Learning Last

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1 | Call in

.5 minute

Things will get a lot more interesting if listeners start calling in with questions, comments, teaching tips, programming suggestions, updates, …or anything else on your mind!

2 | Nature of nurture

5 minutes

A recent article in Science explores the idea the genomes of parents and others can affect traits—not just the genes within the individual’s genome. This concept of “genetic nurture” expands the notion of the measurable biological influences of genes.

3 | Please subscribe

.5 minutes

You can help your colleagues and others find episodes of this podcast by influencing the search algorithms that guide the process. How? By subscribing to The A&P Professor podcast in iTunes or your favorite podcast app. Even better, consider giving a rating and leaving a brief review. Unless you really hate my podcast, in which case, please click here. Fans, please click on one (or all of these):

4 | Short video walk-throughs

4 minutes

In this age of digital teaching and learning, we must be able to help our students navigate their digital platforms: learning  management systems, adaptive learning platforms, college/department/course websites, and more. Brief narrated video walkthroughs (screencasts) are simple and quick ways to provide clear guidance to individuals and whole classes.

5 | Cumulative Testing Makes Learning Last

12 minutes

In the featured segment, Kevin shares his case story of using cumulative testing to strengthen long-term learning in his course. Using an easy method of adding a few questions from prior tests to each test and exam, Kevin was able to better prepare his students for the comprehensive final exam. And hopefully carry the essential concepts of A&P forward into future courses and careers.

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