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Finding Media | Images and More for Teaching Anatomy & Physiology

by Kevin Patton

Finding MediaResources for Anatomy & Physiology Teaching

Use this sortable, interactive table to find collections of media (images, videos, sound, etc.) that you can use in your teaching.

Please use media properly, using due diligence in citing sources and ensuring that you have permission to use them.

Be aware that some media items may be outdated, contain errors, or have other issues that affect their usefulness in your course. Examine them carefully before use.

Please contribute your favorite sources for teaching media!

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SourceURLDescriptionDate AddedNotesContributor
Medical Images - Images - Research Guides at University of Michigan Librarymy-ap.us/2VtcUrYCurated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
Public Domain - CSD Library Resources - LibGuides at Pacific Universitymy-ap.us/2Vvs0NyCurated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
Free Image Databases on the Web - Images at the OHSU Library - LibGuides at Oregon Health & Science Universitymy-ap.us/2VrqzjjCurated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
U.S. National Library of Medicine Digital Collection, Pubic Domain Anatomymy-ap.us/2Vojf84Curated collection (search results)6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
Anatomy and Physiology Resources | Affordable Learning Exchangemy-ap.us/2VsaSYXCurated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
Pixabaymy-ap.us/2VtkUJiFree image site (searchable)6 April 2019Includes general contentBarbara Waxer
Artstormy-ap.us/2Vpw2H3Free image site (searchable)6 April 2019Includes general contentBarbara Waxer
Medicine, Public Health, and Kinesiology - Finding Images and Video - LibGuides at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignmy-ap.us/2VtnqiWCurated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
Anatomy - Anatomy and Physiology - LibGuides at University of Massachusetts Amherstmy-ap.us/2Vr7OfHCurated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
Finding images - MAN BIO285 - Hein - LibGuides at University of Wisconsin Collegesmy-ap.us/2VylZ2RCurated collection6 April 2019Resources for student use, but also useful for teachersBarbara Waxer
Online Resources - Useful Anatomy Websitesmy-ap.us/2D06BokCurated collection7 April 2019Includes non-media sources
Reviewed in podcast episode 3
Kevin Patton
Free Images & Free stock photos - PxHeremy-ap.us/2D2dLc1Free photo gallery7 April 2019Huge collection; some related to A&P, but a lot of good general imagesKevin Patton
LifeSciTRC.org - Life Science Teaching Resource Communitymy-ap.us/2DdrU6jCurated collection of many types of resources7 April 2019Lots of media & other stuff specifically for A&P; free registration requiredKevin Patton
A&P Teaching Slides | Slides That Help Learners Understand A&Pmy-ap.us/2ivoql5Curated collection of PowerPoint slides7 April 2019Kevin Pattons collection of slides, including many with animated elementsKevin Patton
STEM Songs | Greg Crowthermy-ap.us/2DjvDisSong collection16 April 2019Greg Crowther's collection of his songs (audio files, lyrics, sheet music, etc.) related to A&P and related topicsKevin Patton
Sing About Science & Mathmy-ap.us/SingAboutSciencesSearchable song collection for STEM subjects18 April 2019Includes Greg Crowther's A&P songs; many othersGreg Crowther
Immunization Image Gallery (APA)my-ap.us/2Lac7buFree photo gallery26 August 2019Positive photos about immunizationKevin Patton

Last updated: October 23, 2019 at 8:25 am

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