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Finding Media | Images and More for Teaching Anatomy & Physiology

Finding Media

Resources for Teaching Anatomy & Physiology

Use this sortable, interactive table to find collections of media (images, videos, sound, etc.) that you can use in your teaching.

Please use media properly, using due diligence in citing sources and ensuring that you have permission to use them.

Be aware that some media items may be outdated, contain errors, or have other issues that affect their usefulness in your course. Examine them carefully before use.

SourceURLDescriptionDate AddedNotesContributor
American Society of Hematology Image BankAandP.info/8b9Some images are microscopic slide preparations, some are photos of medical conditions, and some are medical images31 May 2022See permissions; use in education is permittedKevin Patton
A&P Teaching Slides | Slides That Help Learners Understand A&PAandP.info/teaching-slides-bee725Curated collection of PowerPoint slides7 April 2019Kevin Pattons collection of slides, including many with animated elementsKevin Patton
Anatomical Science Image LibraryAandP.info/anatomical-science-b8c5f2Curated collection by American Association for Anatomy15 May 2020Includes several other collectionsKevin Patton
Anatomy and Physiology Resources | Affordable Learning ExchangeAandP.info/anatomy-physiology-7ddba4Curated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
ArtstorAandP.info/home-artstor-f7f606Free image site (searchable)6 April 2019Includes general contentBarbara Waxer
BIoRenderAandP.info/0a4Online software for creating scientific illustrations, graphs, ets.; free & paid plans17 June 2023Especially good for drawing cells, receptors, etc., but can also do anatomy & other diagramsKevin Patton
Black illustrationsAandP.info/black-people-ddc334Inclusive collection of illustrations31 December 2021Beautiful illustrations of Black people for your next digital project. For use anywhere and everywhere. There is a small licensing fee (packs or subscription).Kevin Patton
Brown Skin MattersAandP.info/brown-skin-859721Database of photographs of lesions and conditions in darker skin5 January 2022This database is growing.Kevin Patton
BurstAandP.info/free-78b8eaFree stock photos for websites and commercial use31 December 2021Kevin Patton
Cancer Imaging ArchiveAandP.info/s1lDatabase of images from National Cancer Institute31 May 2022Images often include patient outcomes, treatment details, physician analysis, etc.Kevin Patton
Disabled and Here CollectionAandP.info/affect-creates-2eb9bcCurated stock photos and art
31 December 2021
This stock library is a disability-led effort to provide free and inclusive images from their own perspective, with photos and illustrations celebrating disabled Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC).Kevin Patton
Free Image Databases on the Web - Images at the OHSU Library - LibGuides at Oregon Health & Science UniversityAandP.info/ohsu-library-535b8cCurated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
Free Images & Free stock photos - PxHereAandP.info/high-quality-41e2e1Free photo gallery7 April 2019Huge collection; some related to A&P, but a lot of good general imagesKevin Patton
FreePikAandP.info/graphic-resources-f04666Free photos, vector graphics, and more31 December 2021Lots of useful graphics. Some require simple attribution.Kevin Patton
Getty Images Black History & Culture CollectionAandP.info/2f2Free photos for educational purposes, containing images related to Black history & culture20 July 2021You have to request access to download and use images.Kevin Patton
GrepMedAandP.info/pinterest-physicians-1175bbSearchable database of clinical images, videos, algorithms, more5 March 2020Lots of great images!Kevin Patton
Histology GuideAandP.info/ouuVirtual microscopy laboratory24 June 2022Lightbox (similar to microscope function); ok to use images for noncommercial (w attribution)Terry Thompson
HONmedia (Health On the Net)AandP.info/vebUnique repository of over 6'800 medical images and videos31 May 2022Kevin Patton
Immunization Image Library (Immunization Action Coalition)AandP.info/iac-image-603cccFree photo gallery26 August 2019Photos about immunizationKevin Patton
infogramAandP.info/infogram-easy-1dec46Tool for creating infographics, graphs and other visualizations2 January 2022Free plan availableKevin Patton
LifeSciTRC.org - Life Science Teaching Resource CommunityAandP.info/lifescitrc-org-cd951eCurated collection of many types of resources7 April 2019Lots of media & other stuff specifically for A&P; free registration required. Was due to be shut down by Nov 2023, but is still up at last check.Kevin Patton
Medical Images - Images - Research Guides at University of Michigan LibraryAandP.info/images-c58415Curated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
Medicine, Public Health, and Kinesiology - Finding Images and Video - LibGuides at University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAandP.info/images-video-c37248Curated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
MorgueFileAandP.info/morguefile-com-1da116Eclectic collection of images2 January 2022Not from a morgue. But lots of "general" images free to use.Kevin Patton
National Eye Institute: Photos, Images & VideoAandP.info/svcVariety of types of media; eye disease simulatinos are unique31 May 2022Check out permissions on siteKevin Patton
NeedpixAandP.info/freely-use-1ca110Free public-domain images
31 December 2021
Over 2+ million royalty free, public domain images for all your needs.Kevin Patton
Neuroanatomy Section
(part of The Neurosurgical Atlas)
my-ap.us/34UA6W4Database of many amazing images of structures of the nervous system (check terms of service)14 October 2020Be careful: once you go in, you won't want to come out.Kevin Patton
Noun Projecthttps://aandp.info/noun-project-5cd1d2.info/noun-project-5cd1d2Professionally curated collection of icons, photos, more.31 December 2021Very diverse. Lots of icons. Editable. Many are free, with some applications require attribution or fee.Kevin Patton
Online Resources - Useful Anatomy Websitesmy-ap.us/2D06BokCurated collection7 April 2019Includes non-media sources
Reviewed in podcast episode 3
Kevin Patton
Open Access at the National Gallery of ArtAandP.info/open-access-a15c24Source for art images2 January 2022The National Gallery of Art has an open access policy for images of works of art in the permanent collection which the Gallery believes to be in the public domain. Kevin Patton
PexelsAandP.info/gnjCurated stock photos and videos2 January 2022Not A&P specific, but lots of interesting contentKevin Patton
Physiology Videos YouTube Playlistmy-ap.us/2u9cez1Curated collection3 January 2020Aaron Miller's collection of videos to use in physiology classAaron Miller
PicographyAandP.info/free-7d166aCurated stock photos
31 December 2021
Gorgeous, high-resolution, free photos that you can use however you like with their free license.Kevin Patton
Pixabaymy-ap.us/2VtkUJiFree image site (searchable)6 April 2019Includes general contentBarbara Waxer
Public Domain - CSD Library Resources - LibGuides at Pacific Universitymy-ap.us/2Vvs0NyCurated collection6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
Public Domain Images For Artists - 25+ Collections | MoMa UKmy-ap.us/2Tb7QfUCurated collection of various sites that have public domain art that can be used for title slides, analogies, etc.27 June 2021Includes Smithsonian and other major collectionsKevin Patton
Public Health Image Library (PHIL)AandP.info/ckkVariety of photos & illustrations31 May 2022Kevin Patton
Sing About Science & Mathmy-ap.us/SingAboutSciencesSearchable song collection for STEM subjects18 April 2019Includes Greg Crowther's A&P songs; many othersGreg Crowther
SMART ImagebaseAandP.info/educators-students-81b40aCurated collection of scientific and medical art2 January 2022thousands of medical illustrations, videos, interactive tools, and monographs of anatomy, physiology, embryology, surgery, trauma, pathology, diseases, conditions and other topics; organized by systemKevin Patton
STEM Songs | Greg Crowthermy-ap.us/2DjvDisSong collection16 April 2019Greg Crowther's collection of his songs (audio files, lyrics, sheet music, etc.) related to A&P and related topicsKevin Patton
The Open Anatomy Projectmy-ap.us/3nXuZwLCollection of free anatomy atlases and other media15 October 2020Very rich resource. And it's "open."Kevin Patton
UnsplashAandP.info/beautiful-free-a73c96Freely usable images created by users2 January 2022Not A&P specific, but lots of interesting contentKevin Patton
U.S. National Library of Medicine Digital Collection, Pubic Domain Anatomymy-ap.us/2Vojf84Curated collection (search results)6 April 2019Barbara Waxer
unDrawAandP.info/open-source-89993aOpen-source illustrations
31 December 2021
Open-source illustrations for any idea you can imagine and create. This constantly updated design project has beautiful SVG images that you can use completely free and without attribution.Kevin Patton
Wikimedia CommonsAandP.info/wikimedia-commons-8b4f65Online collection of images2 January 2022Be sure to check license for each image you want to use.Kevin Patton
Wikimedia Commons (Medicine Category)AandP.info/sfsList of medical images from the popular media database31 May 2022Be sure to check license for each image you want to use.Kevin Patton

Last updated: July 6, 2023 at 12:47 pm

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