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Classic Shorts

The A&P Professor ShortsBrief Replays of Classic Segments



Episode 146

person with crossed fingers behind their back

Anatomy of Trust: Promoting Integrity in A&P Education

 Winter Short (Classic Remix)
Cheating & Plagiarism
Modeling Professional Ethics

Episode 145

puzzled woman speaking

A Tongue Twister’s Guide to Mastering Anatomy Pronunciation

 Winter Short (Classic Remix)
Why Pronunciation is Important
Variations in Pronunciation

Transcripts & captions supported by
The American Association for Anatomy. 
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This podcast is sponsored by the
Human Anatomy & Physiology Society
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Episode 130

snowflakes on a branch

Winter Short

Storytelling is the Heart of Teaching
Actin-Myosin Love Story

Episode 129


Winter Short

Students Perform Best
with a

Episode 128

Close-up photo of a snowflake

Winter Short

Nine (or Ten)
Strategies for Learning
the Skeleton

Episode 127

snowflake model held by two mittened hands

Winter Short

Golgi Apparatus
Green Pen

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