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Testing As a Teaching Strategy | Episode 2

TAPP Radio Episode 2Use Testing As a Teaching Strategy

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Quick Take

0:50 | Kevin encourages listeners to participate in the HAPS annual conference.
3:45  | An update on the new 2017 guidelines for high blood pressure.
10:17 | The featured topic is Testing as a Teaching Strategy.

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Online testing

1 | HAPS 2018 Annual Conference

3 minutes

I encourage all anatomy and/or physiology instructors to attend the 2018 Annual Conference of the Human Anatomy and Physiology in Columbus OH. Besides update speakers, vendors, and workshops, it’s a great opportunity to network with a friendly and welcoming bunch of teachers just like you!

2 | Update on High Blood Pressure

6.5 minutes

I summarize a few key points from the new 2017 guidelines on hypertension and their impact on how we talk about blood pressure in our A&P course.

3 | Testing As a Teaching Strategy

20 minutes

A previous topic, spaced retrieval practice (Episode 1), is the basis for a new discussion of Kevin’s experience using online tests to provide students with regular and required spaced retrieval practice. Each of these links includes additional details of Kevin’s case study.

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