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About Kevin

Kevin has spent more than three decades teaching undergraduate human anatomy & physiology. He has also been writing A&P textbooks and related works. He is a President Emeritus of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) and was founding director of the HAPS Institute. He also teaches graduate courses and workshops for those who teach A&P.

The A&P Professor is another way Kevin has found to promote sharing among A&P teachers worldwide.

Minor imperfections enhance the handcrafted uniqueness of this website.


Professional Development Seminar

Student Response Systems:
Trying Something New

This seminar is of interest to
those who have never used clickers
as well as seasoned clicker experts.

This session explores the use of the
i>clicker student response system
over a two-semester course sequence.

I address reasons for trying and whether those reasons pan out (they did).
Data from an anonymous student survey of 176 students reveals student attitudes as well. 

This brief 20-minute, narrated
presentation can be viewed by clicking the link:

View Seminar *

*Make sure your speakers or headphones are plugged in and working.
[Use Internet Explorer to view the presentation]

The audio track of the seminar is available as a podcast:
podcast button  

You can also view or print the non-animated slides below.
(Use the scroll bar on the right edge of the frame to advance slides.
Use the icons in the top edge of the viewer frame to
zoom, move to the next slide,
break into a larger window or print out the entire handout)



These may also be of interest to you:

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CBS News Story on Clicker Use 

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