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About Kevin

Kevin has spent more than three decades teaching undergraduate human anatomy & physiology. He has also been writing A&P textbooks and related works. He is a President Emeritus of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) and was founding director of the HAPS Institute. He also teaches graduate courses and workshops for those who teach A&P.

The A&P Professor is another way Kevin has found to promote sharing among A&P teachers worldwide.

Minor imperfections enhance the handcrafted uniqueness of this website.


Free Software

This software is (mostly) free. Some of it is directed specifically at A&P or biology (or at least science). But some of it is generally useful for teaching and general productivity.

The recommendations below have been screened to include those that are free links and available for educational use. But things sometimes change. So it is up to YOU to verify cost and/or appropriate use before you use any of them.

If you have suggestions for additions or changes, contact me at

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Topic Links
Online delivery

Free audio studio on your computer with simple but robust interface. Record podcasts, narrations, audio lectures. blog

Open-source, FREE alternative to mainstream course management systems (CMSs) such as Blackboard, Angel, etc.

Free Video Flip and Rotate
In case you need to rotate that video you recorded sideways, or flip a video upside down. Works great; it's simple; it's FREE.

DVD VideoSoft
FREE suite of software programs to convert videos, DVDs, tweaking, over 20 different programs!

PowerPoint or presentations

PowerPoint-compatible presentation program; part of Open Office suite

PowerPoint 2007 Viewer
View slides without the full PowerPoint program

Word processing & related

MS Word-compatible word-processing program; part of Open Office suite

Word Viewer
View Word files without the full program

Foxit PDF viewer
I like it better than Adobe Reader

Teaching and learning tools

Program makes short and easy work of memorizing facts (such as terminology) by using a proven algorithm of repetition. blog

Free Mind
Mind-mapping (concept-mapping) software

Create flow charts, concept maps, diagrams, etc. Part of Open Office suite.

General productivity

Open Office
MS Office-compatible office suite

MS Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats
Use newer file formats files in older MS software

Bulk Rename Utility
I use this program all the time to rename many files at once by adding a prefix or suffix or both. For example, you can add an assignment name or title to all the assignment files submitted by students in the same folder. Works great with your photo files!

General, collected
A&P-related topics

Radiology Anatomy Atlas viewer
View an ever-increasing database of human anatomy images with this viewer

Merlot Biology
FREE teaching objects and other resources

FREE online software to create anatomy animations

Pedagogy, teaching,
Introduction to A&P
Cell biology
JCB Image Viewer
Browser-based application to view image data uploaded by authors of the Journal of Cell Biology. Copyright is held by individual authors but all images can be linked to and viewed for FREE by nonsubscribers. blog
Bone, skeleton,
Muscle, movement
Reproduction, sex
Genetics, genomics
General pathology,