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About Kevin

Kevin has spent more than three decades teaching undergraduate human anatomy & physiology. He has also been writing A&P textbooks and related works. He is a President Emeritus of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) and was founding director of the HAPS Institute. He also teaches graduate courses and workshops for those who teach A&P.

The A&P Professor is another way Kevin has found to promote sharing among A&P teachers worldwide.

Minor imperfections enhance the handcrafted uniqueness of this website.


Free Images

These images are (mostly) free to LINK TO but you may or may not have permission to download them for yourself or your course.

Check the site when you get there for copying restrictions, if any.

If a selected image is not already in PowerPoint, you can embed the link in a slide or (if permissable) download the animation and use it in the slide directly.

Hey! Don't forget my collection of slides available in the Lion Den!
There are many useful images!

The recommendations below have been screened to include those that are free links and available for educational use. But things sometimes change. So it is up to YOU to verify cost and/or appropriate use before you use any of them.

If you have suggestions for additions or changes, contact me at

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Topic Links
General, collected
A&P-related topics

Surgical Anatomy
anatomy atlas by Joseph Maclise

Gray's Anatomy
original non-updated version of the classic text (with downloadable images) in an online-only format

Virtual Organ Image Library
collection of image libraries assembled by the American Association of Anatomists

Free anatomy clip art

Pure Clipart - anatomy

Artvex - anatomy

Kelta Web - anatomy

Wikimedia Commons
A lot of free-use images in all areas.

Pedagogy, teaching,
Lion Den Intro Slides
Introduction to A&P
Lion Den Intro Slides

Lion Den Chemistry Slides

Berg's free chem/bio images
Steve Berg's amazing collection of free animations and images.

Jena Library of Biological macromolecules
Searchable atlas contains current, detailed computer models, a few of which are good for illustrating protein structure, etc.

Cell biology

Lion Den Cell Slides

JCB Image Viewer
Browser-based application to view image data uploaded by authors of the Journal of Cell Biology. Copyright is held by individual authors but all images can be linked to and viewed for FREE by nonsubscribers.

Berg's free chem/bio images
Steve Berg's amazing collection of free animations and images.


Lion Den Skin Slides

HAPS Histology Image Database
If you need an invitation to join this private wiki, email me at and tell me where you teach and that you need an invitation to the HAPS histology wiki

Blue Histology
histology image free for educational use from the University of Western Australia blog

NVCC Microscopic Images
Histology and related images for A&P

Bone, skeleton,
Lion Den Skeletal Slides
Muscle, movement

Lion Den Muscle Slides

Gene Doping example

Lion Den Neuroendocrine Slides
Lion Den Neuroendocrine Slides

Lion Den Blood Slides

Lion Den Cardiovascular Slides

Lion Den Immune-Lymph Slides
Lion Den Respiration Slides
Lion Den Digestion Slides

Lion Den Urinary Slides

Urine Sediment Slides
Some of these are animal specimens, but many are usable for human A&P blog

Reproduction, sex
Lion Den Reproduction Slides
Genetics, genomics
Eugenics Archive
Image archive from the American eugenics movement.
General pathology,