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You’ve landed at Kevin Patton’s collection of tips and resources for teaching human anatomy and physiology. I’ve designed this site to be a companion to my popular blog The A&P ProfessorExplore the many resources for A&P professors by using the menu at the top of this page.



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Who will benefit from this site?

This website is directed toward those teaching undergraduate human anatomy and physiology. Rookies and veterans alike find helpful tips, interesting ideas, resources, and content updates here.

What the heck is the Lion Den?

The Lion Den is another of Kevin’s websites that also has resources helpful to professors and students of human anatomy and physiology.

Can I use this stuff in my own teaching?

Unless specified otherwise, all the content here may be used for your own teaching without special permission if  you include an attribution (©Kevin Patton, theAPprofessor.org). You may not post it for redistribution or use it for commercial purposes without Kevin’s written permission.

Why does Kevin maintain this website?

As a veteran A&P professor, active mentor/trainer of A&P professors, and guy who likes to teach, Kevin decided to practice his digital skills by posting stuff he has learned (and continues to learn) for others to use.

Why a hip logo?

Because this is a hip website.

What happened to the Image Library?

The Image Library and some of the other resource libraries were closed during a recent revision of this website. Because of the explosive growth of available digital resources, Kevin could no longer keep up with curating this massive collection.

About Kevin Patton

I’ve worked as an anatomy & physiology professor for several decades, having taught at high school, community college, and university levels. I write A&P textbooks and manuals. I am a President Emeritus of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) and a founder of HAPS Institute, a continuing education program for A&P professors. I have several blogs and websites related to teaching and learning. And in my youth I was a wild animal trainer.

Keivn Patton